Teacher and Themes

Teachers and Themes of the 18th Push Hands Meeting

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 Ivo Marvan

Gabriele Laritz Ivo Marvan

Gabriele Laritz Ivo Marvan

Ivo Marvan

Ivo comes from Prague, from the Czech Republic. He started learning the art of Tai Chi Chuan in 1989.
Since 1991, until now has been learning in school Center of Taoist Arts Golden Hill of Tomasz Nowakowski. Since 1995 he has been in this school as an instructor.

He practices the styles Yang (Tomasz Nowakowski) and Chang Sam Fung Tai Ki Kung (Dr Ming Wong C. Y, Tomasz Nowakowski).

Since 2012, he has co-organized the International Push Hands meeting in Prague.



Gabriele Laritz

Gabriele Laritz1990 I begin with Qi Gong, Kung Fu and the art of combat with stick and other weapons.
During several long stays in Asia, I deepened my knowledge.
1996 I began teaching.
1997 with Hsiu Yao Rosa Chen (National Coach) and Master Chen (master push-hands) in the Park of peace in Taipei, Taiwan, I began the intensive study of the Yang style.
2000-2003 I participated in several international tournaments of push-hands and weapon forms. After intensive training for the tournaments I won several titles.
The students of our school have obtained very good results as well.
2005, I began to study the Chen style.
Martial Arts are not only my profession but also my mission in life.
It is an exciting way of life, enriching to no end.



Wang Ning

wang_ningBiography: calligrapher, seal cutter, translator and Tai Chi teacher – studied German literature and language in Peking. Thanks to his experience he is able to build bridges between the Chinese and Western worlds of thought and emotion. We will receive an introduction to the (philosophical) foundations of the movement arts of Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong — not through a dry and theoretical lecture, but as the calligrapher paints the image-based concepts of the Chinese world view. These concepts are hidden in the Chinese characters, and their interpretation takes us on an exciting journey through China’s cultural history. This often leads to new and surprising meanings which are quite different to the normal correspondences and translations used in the West.
Ning will be arround at the free pushing hands sessionscutting seals and is happy to answer your questions about the philosophy of Taijiquan.

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Teachers and Themes of the 18th Push Hands Meeting