International Push Hands Meeting

Push hands Meeting
Group photo from 29th of February 2020

22nd Push Hands Meeting

The next Push Hands Meeting will take place 22nd to 26th of February 2023.

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The International Push Hands Meeting

Founded in 2000 as an annual exchange meeting for the scattered push hands practitioners of different schools and styles in Germany and Europe, the International Push Hands Meeting in Hannover (Germany) evolved into Europe’s biggest meeting dedicated solely to the partner work in Taijiquan – Push Hands and Applications. Our 5-day meeting (Wednesday – Sunday) always takes place in spring; its official language is English.

Touch – Feel – Communicate

International Push Hands Meeting Hannover, Germany

The International Push Hands Meeting is dedicated to the internal arts and their (martial) application in contact, independent of styles. We host teachers of different schools and systems, seeing Push Hands as a means for cross-style communication and a great opportunity to test, to research and to enhance one’s skills, not to mention the fun of being able to communicate without words. Our approach towards Push Hands is experimental rather than competitive: it is not about winning or losing, but about the creation of a situation, where one can consciously explore one’s limits and widen one’s comfort zone in personal interaction.

Discover Push Hands!

While some of us just drop by now and then, we have many regulars who return every year. The International Push Hands Meeting is famous for its family-style atmosphere. We are always happy to see new faces – so why not give it a try? Since 2016, a continuous beginner’s workshop forms part of the morning sessions dedicated to learning new techniques and diving into the Taiji principles. The afternoon sessions are reserved for free Push Hands, accompanied by a short introduction course for those who wish to attend. – And you do not want to miss our gala and party on Saturday evening!

Continuous beginners’ program: Discover Push Hands!

Push Hands Beginner are very welcome at this meeting!

For the teachers a of the next International Push Hands Meeting, see HERE.

Pictures and videos

9:30 hour Presentations of the teachers and selection of workshop
10:00 – 13:00 hours Workshops
13:00 – 15:00 hours Midday break
15:00 – 17:45 hours Free push hands

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Downloads 21st Push Hands Meeting

Map of venue: ph_map_small

Impressions, review of the last Push Hands Meetings

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Review of a Push Hands Meeting by Ronnie Robinson:

The International Push Hands Meeting staged in Hannover, Germany is a firmly fixed schedule in the minds of most northern European players, who like to exchange with others, in the often varied art of tai chi tui shou, or push hands as it’s better known to most. Taking place annually, and now in its 14th year, it provides the first opportunity of the year to meet friends, old and new, from various Europan locales… Read the whole article here

What is Push Hands?Push_Hands_Meeting_Hannover

Tui Shou (Chinese: 推手, pinyin tuī shǒu; Wade-Giles: t’ui shou, pronuciation: soundfile), also called Push Hands or Pushing Hands is a two-person training routine, especially in Taijiquan but also in other internal martial arts.

Push Hands as a partner exercise provides a possibility to learn how to deal with incoming power. In contact with a partner, one can thus establish e.g. whether one is correctly centred or double weighted. Partner work in Push Hands may also provide hints on how to improve one’s Taijiquan form, following the ideal: Do the form the way you fight and fight the way you do the form.

Read the whole article “push hands” on!

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