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Comments and reviews of the Push Hands Meeting

On this page you can comment your experience at the Push Hands Meetings in Hannover. Constructive critics are welcome. Also you will find links to reviews of some of last 14 events. To get an idea of the first push hands meeting also see the video (dvd) of the 1st meeting.


Impressions from the Hannover Push Hands Meeting 2019

This was my first but certainly not last time at the annual Push Hands Meeting in Hannover. I came with “an empty cup”, not knowing what to expect. I´ m not a beginner in Tai Chi, that I have studied for 25 years, but pushing hands has always been a subject that I thought I could develop more. I have had my eyes on the Hannover Meeting for many years, but there was always something else … continue reading

Hannover Push Hands Meeting 2019

Reviews of the 13th and14th Int. Push Hands Meeting

The International Push Hands Meeting staged in Hannover, Germany is a firmly fixed schedule in the minds of most northern European players, who like to exchange with others, in the often varied art of tai chi tui shou, or push hands as it’s better known to most. Taking place annually, and now in its 14th year, it provides the first opportunity of the year to meet friends, old and new, from various Europan locales… continue reading

13 years is a considerable time and many changes can take place over such a period and, despite any superstitious associations to the number, the 13th Push Hands Meeting was no less successful than any of the preceding events.
Organised by Nils Klug, a close student of William CC Chen, the gathering has been instrumental in garnering an open approach to the art of push hands (tui shou), freely showcasing teachers from a variety of styles and approaches whilst encouraging students of all levels to work together in a spirit of sharing and openness… continue reading

Review Push Hands Meeting 2018

After ten years of practicing tai chi in my local school in Finland, I decided to find out what’s out there in the world. I googled for a while for tai chi events in Europe with the special aim at potential pushing hands seminars. That’s when I found it: International push hands meeting in Hannover. After reading through the web page of the event, I made the decision to give it a try within two hours. No sleeping overnight needed… continue reading


  1. Gillian

    I had a wonderful time!!

    A manageable challenge for all ages and abilities as you can set your own pace and manage your own training programme as you choose, day by day, the workshops you want to participate in.
    Set in a beautiful, trendy part of Hanover with plenty of character that adds to the flavour of the international event.
    The variety of teachers, each one with a unique approach, together with the possibility to train and push with so many different types of people regarding style, age, gender and experience all set in a professional, caring environment puts this event in the top ranks.

    A special thanks to Nils, Gabi and Brigit for doing once again a fantastic job.
    Looking forward to next year, and not to forget the Yanhsheng Meeting in September !!

    Gillian 🙂

  2. Micheal Brown

    FIRST CONTACT………hmmmmm so there I was in Hannover Germany, my stay was for 5 days, thinking oh boy what have you done?

    I had come to attend a seminar with people I don’t know, doing things I have never done, on my own with an invite to sleep on a floor……..hmmmm

    So, I find the studio which had some fantastic street art on the wall outside and walking around could not help but feel I’m liking this place……it has a sense of humour about itself!!!

    I enter the building and it’s 8.30 pm a film crew were just leaving!!! Nils says, Hi and out pops a cup of tea…….this is good I’m thinking……I find myself a corner and settle in after a warm greeting from the rest of the people who were going to stay the night.

    A relaxed and calm atmosphere pervaded the place and people were chatty and smiling a lot, how easy they switched from English to German hmmmm I felt a little embarrassed.

    After breakfast the people started to arrive, a relaxed calm, old friends saying hi, people milling around waiting to get started kinda thing, with Nils supporters doing a fantastic job in the background.

    The introductions started and each teacher introduced themselves, then we were invited to choose which one to go with!!

    I chose Tomasz Nowakowski he was going to teach chi gung. BRILLIANT!!!! straight away there was some magic going on and I felt that this was going to be very good indeed……….and so it was…. my many thanks for all your understanding Tomasz.

    And off to dinner………. I had found a little bar and hmmmm it was simple but good food and very friendly.

    Later we all meet again for the “FREE PUSHING HANDS” …… here we go……… will I do and will I make a fool of myself with all the different styles on hand?

    Silly thoughts but real for me…….Nils begins with a formal behave yourselves and laid out the rules which I thought was most excellent and I began to relax a bit.

    I choose to go with the beginners and just watch, observe what goes on……BARRY McGINLAY was his name……..what a nut case…..full of life and fun bouncing of the walls……I thought……. wow…… I have to watch this fella he is kinda special.

    Straight away we did some applications and I played with some more people…….my apprehensions fading fast.

    I spoke with Tomasz and others and played some more and watched.

    I could not understand the postures why they were doing what they were doing….fixed steps or moving steps with kicks… constantly asking where is their form in what they are doing…..just a little puzzled, I left and wrote my thoughts down.

    When not training I was entertained by the Chen people, who were amazing, dedicated and who had a very good teacher, I had forgotten that they were practicing for the show to come later.

    I joined in with a Lady practicing Silk Weaving what a special opportunity that was, I will explore this more. Thank you so much, sorry I didn’t get your name.

    Wednesday morning……feeling hmmmm strange and unsettled my Wu Style seemed so different. Then Barry turns up for his early class as bubbly and bursting with Life, we chatted and I just commented that I had come to learn and observe, with a hope that maybe I would see the Yang Da Lu being practiced.

    The afternoon session arrived and at the beginners session Barry announces that we will practice Yang Da Lu!!!! What!!! Oh boy…. and proceeded to demo it then came around to help everyone….. telling me to relax get the feeling and enjoy!!! Many many thanks my friend.

    I ended up thoroughly enjoying myself……the Da Lu is a very special training technique and I felt very lucky indeed to have such talented teacher teach me.

    Then I meet Master Yang Yunzhong, most excellent and I learnt a lot about feet, body posture and my spine, many thanks

    The Show was magic with so many players of different forms and showing there most excellent skills, BRILLIANT!!!

    The Party…… sorry about the dancing but the music got my feet moving or was it the beer!! Many thanks to everyone.

    Would I go again did? Did I really enjoy myself? Did I learn anything?

    Er…….YES….YES….YES I can only add my sincere thanks to all the German people that helped me in all the little ways I hope that should you stop by this way I get a chance to repay it in some way.

    Thanks Nils for making it all possible

    Cheers Michael

    • Nils Klug

      Thanks a lot for the warm words, Micheal!

  3. Hosting

    It was truly wonderful to be able to touch so many different bodies and souls during the push hands event in Hannover.

  4. Ronnie Robinson

    Hey! Nice new look to your website…..

    Everything is clear, easy to understand and follow and provides good information and views frumpiest events!

    Looking forward to the next one!
    Good wishes to all concerned.


  5. Nils Klug

    I am looking forward to your comments! It would be great if you share this event on Google+, facebook, twitter, etc. Best wishes and see you in Hannover soon!